auteched + apc 2011 Network Design

People often ask me for more information about the network design and implementation for tech•ed and APC.

I finished off the physical design for the MDF and IDFs a while ago and thought I would take the time to post these in case you wanted to build your own 3000 person corporate conference at home. I am only covering off the network side of things below – there is a massive HP + Microsoft private cloud solution going in at the event that will need post(s) in its own right.

In terms of fast Internets

  • 1000 mbps of Internet connectivity provided by Telstra Internet Direct. This is a high performance e-line service back to Telstra Internet Direct in the Charlotte St exchange (i.e. it is a wholesale/service-provider quality service, uncontended back to their core).
  • An additional 500 mbps of Internet connectivity from Over The Wire as a redundancy option.
  • BGP routing under our own AS9984 to make the best use of the combined link.
  • IPv4 and IPv6.

In terms of WiFi

  • Cisco 5508 WLC
  • 50 x Cisco Aironet 1252 access points
  • Each AP has 2 x radio interfaces (2.4 and 5GHz) for a total of 100 radios supporting 802.11a, b, g, and n

In terms of physical infrastructure

  • 2 x Brocade CER units for core routing
  • 2 gbps LACP core trunking between the routers, core switches and wireless LAN controller
  • 1 gbps distribution network
  • 77 switches deploying 2000+ ports of connectivity

IDF Physical Design

MDF Physical Design

Also available as a PDF export of the original VSD:

Project 3031- TechEd 2011 Network Design and Implementation (Microsoft Pty Ltd) – Network Design

If you have any questions then post them below.