How Queensland Government Departments are Navigating Remote Work During COVID-19

The need for disaster recovery planning (DRP) has never been clearer than in 2020 – a year that’s brought not just the current novel coronavirus pandemic, but also unprecedented disruption caused by bushfires and localised flooding in Queensland.

A Disaster Recovery Plan for unusual times

Though most local councils have disaster recovery plans in place, even the most detailed plans may not have accounted for the magnitude of these disasters or how long they could keep staff out of the office. But the middle of a disaster is hardly the best time to revisit the formal DRP process. Instead, councils and their technology leads should prioritise identifying and mitigating the top-tier issues and other unanticipated blind spots that could negatively impact their ability to serve constituents.

In support of this mission, the team at Codify have identified ten specific goals – as well as their corresponding action steps – that we believe all councils should strive to address, drawing on the priorities we’ve seen have the greatest impact at Noosa Shire Council, QLeave, and other Queensland organisations.

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