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Save time, money and stress

In today’s world everything moves so fast. You can’t afford to set up your technology and then just leave it. You have to keep modernising to take advantage of new technologies and offerings.

But the biggest challenge you face is how to manage your cloud costs.

  • Are you tracking Microsoft Azure with spreadsheets?
  • Do you need to manage a cloud provider as well as traditional infrastructure?
  • Are you wasting money that could be better spent elsewhere?

It’s time to save money, modernise, be secure and free up your resources.

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Codify… persistent,
tenacious and patient.
And bloody smart.

Michael Dines, Chief Information Officer, Goodstart Early Learning

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They are willing to challenge the norm…
and it was through questioning the norm…
that has got us to the point we’re at today.

Justin Cook, Account Technology Strategist, Microsoft

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Codify are very easy to work with…
they gave us guidance, great advice
and are helping us look to the future.

Justin Thomas, ICT Manager, Corporate Services, Noosa Shire Council

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We wanted – and got –
a fit for purpose solution.
Codify delivered on this.

Mike Dixon, CFO, Wesfarmers Resources Limited


How a deep dive into a client’s Azure spending enabled considerable cost saving

When TerryWhite Chemmart brought in Codify to manage the cloud environment for their new Azure build, they didn’t expect the partnership would also provide ongoing cost savings. Wanted: Proven capability and experience in Azure Several factors led TerryWhite Chemmart to decide they needed help to manage their cloud environment. The company had recently undergone a merger tripling the company’s data

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Is it time to divorce your IT provider?


A recent Codify client survey highlighted the most common reason clients contacted us was due to a bad relationship with their existing IT provider. These days everyone is an expert when it comes to Cloud technology. IT service providers are competing to keep up with the times and ensure their cloud migration and maintenance service offering is relevant. In such

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Fail to plan, plan to fail: Start looking at your Azure migration strategy now

Azure cloud migration with codify

It’s end-of-life for Windows 2008/R2 in January 2020 and that’s going to create headaches for many Australian organisations. Cuts to IT budgets over the past few years have resulted in IT having to do more with less. And this hasn’t included upgrading legacy operating systems. From our own CloudLift data we know that 42.4% of servers are running Windows 2008/R2

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Is your cloud secure? Use our Cloud Security Assessment Checklist to find out

Cloud Security Assessment Checklist

Migrating to the cloud or moving to a new cloud provider means a new set of security concerns and more approaches than a traditional environment. In the Crowd Research Partners’ 2018 Cloud Security Report, 84% of organisations said their traditional security tools were no longer sufficient to manage cloud based security. This Cloud Security Assessment Checklist provides a high-level list

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Top 5 Key Cloud Migration Considerations

Cloud Migration Considerations

Before you start: 5 Important Cloud Migration Considerations Migrating your company’s IT environment to the cloud is a complex task. To ensure a successful project outcome, you need a comprehensive plan and leverage the support of experts. No matter which phase of the project you’re in, there are critical cloud migration considerations to take into account. Key in the planning

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