Diversity is good

Sometimes people think we’re over killing infrastructure asking for two or three more than we need of everything in network operations.

Telstra has a major ongoing outage this morning: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=1274075

Early reports are that it has taken out Next G, BigPond & Telstra Internet Direct – and certainly the 100mbps fibre service at the venue is dead.

Luckily, we are running APC off our redundant link which is a private circuit back to Pipe DC2 we blogged about earlier. This service is using different intercapital backhaul to Telstra so fortunately APC is completely unaffected (funnily enough we might patch the venue’s network over to ours so that they have Internet access :D).

Telstra will be in tomorrow to install the 500mbps link but it is good to know we have the diversity up our sleeve in case something goes catastrophically wrong like this. Everyone thought we were bananas for ordering two 7200VXR routers for APC at Port Douglas last year … only to find the first one blew up within an hour of being turned on.

  1. Good work David, I’m enjoying some 30Mbit/s + uploads and downloads from the wireless today.

  2. Better than the 0mbps you would have had this morning if we were on TID. What was your radio link speed at the time of the test?

  3. Sorry David, it was just a quick test. From all accounts everyone at the Partner Conference has had awesome connectivity.
    But it should be fun times next week with 2,500 netbooks hammering away 😉