Imagine Cup 2012

Executive Summary

  • Codify was engaged by Microsoft Corporation for the delivery of network engineering services to support the Imagine Cup 2012 world finals.
  • This included specific sophisticated network security design considerations to ensure competition fairness.
  • Over a thousand concurrent users were supported by the architecture.

Business Scenario

The Microsoft Imagine Cup is the world’s premier student technology competition. In ten years, the Imagine Cup has grown to be a truly global competition focused on finding solutions to real-world problems. Since 2003, over 1.4 million students have participated in the Imagine Cup with 358,000 students representing 183 countries and regions registering for the Imagine Cup 2011 competition.

Customer Profile

Microsoft is a worldwide leader in software, services and Internet technologies for personal and business computing. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower people through great software – any time, any place and on any device.



A lab environment was established at Codify’s offices to pre-configure as many of the network elements as possible prior to the delivery on site.

Codify delivered Microsoft a comprehensive network architecture including all layer 2 and 3 network design. The network was comprised of:

  • 70 network switches;
  • 22 dual-radio access points;
  • Dual redundant firewalls in active/standby failover
  • 100mbps of dedicated IP transit
  • Real-time network monitoring through the delivery of an on-site network operations centre.

Security Considerations

Imagine Cup 2012 had unique network security requirements including:

  • Layer 2 network isolation of the judging rooms from one another;
  • Private Wi-Fi at each judging room;
  • Shared layer 3 network services across each of the private networks;
  • Segregation of traffic on the general event floor and showcase/exhibition from the rest of the event;
  • Separate secured network for staff and judges.
Codify delivered an overall network architecture that met each of these security objectives on both the Wi-Fi and wired networks.

Success Stories

Imagine Cup 2012 was successfully delivered and seamless network access was enjoyed by all of the students who attended the event.