Intel wifi driver issue resolution

We did some further investigation into the wireless issue and came up with a work around. We’ve found that if you set your radio to 802.11a only, the issue will disappear. After doing this, one of the tech team managed to keep a Skype video call back to NetOps going across the entire venue without a hitch, while this same machine BSOD’d yesterday before it even left our office.

The helpful chaps on the Intel stand managed to come up with signed drivers that correct the issue (significantly higher version number than the in-box ones with Win7 RTM) however they’re still trying to get us the okay to release these. Interestingly they suggested that the work around was to disable one of the radios and the escalation technician said to turn off 5GHz – but please don’t do that.

For now, if you have an Intel wifi NIC, I recommend turning off the 2.4GHz radio as there is far greater channel capacity and bandwidth on the 5GHz radios.

I <3 Helpful People
I <3 Helpful People

The Netbooks have a different chipset that are unaffected by this issue however you will likely experience better performance if you turn off 2.4GHz.