Simplify your cloud migration

Organisations move to the cloud for many reasons. They may be facing the end of their hardware’s useful life or the end of restrictive, multi-year hosting contracts. Internal or external pressures may be pushing them to upgrade or change their procurement models.

Maybe they simply want to modernise and to move from a reactive position to being more visionary about their applications and solutions.

Or maybe they know that they need to do something with cloud, but they don’t fully understand how to deliver on their desire to do something different than traditional on-premises infrastructure.

Whatever the case may be at your organisation…

You need a cloud migration plan

Too often, organisations struggle with their cloud migrations. Without a well-formed plan, migrations fail, costs blow out and your team is left burdened with outdated legacy systems. 

Productivity is hampered. Output is obstructed.

Your team battles on with slow and vulnerable processes. You lose money, time and potential.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Codify make it simple to move to the cloud. Let Codify analyse your on-premise infrastructure and give you the best path forward.

What is CloudLift?

CloudLift is Codify’s evidence-based solution to support migrations to Microsoft Azure. 

Assessing your current state, it creates a defined plan for your cloud migration – outlining the cost and timeline up front, so you know what you’re in for.

CloudLift takes the ambiguity out of your cloud migration project and shows you how to move to the cloud as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Here’s how we do it:

Our applications focus

Every CloudLift engagement at Codify begins with infrastructure assessments that take your organisation’s critical application constellation into consideration.

Beginning with a focus on applications makes it possible for us to establish a plan that will protect your main applications throughout the migration process.

The 6Rs

When planning for a cloud migration, Codify uses the industry standard Six Cloud Migration Strategies, commonly referred to as the ‘6Rs’, which include:

  • Retiring applications that aren’t actively used and should be decommissioned
  • Retaining actively used applications that must remain as-is for business or technical purposes
  • Rehosting (or ‘lifting and shifting’) applications on the cloud using the same infrastructure as when they were hosted on-premises (also referred to as ‘server virtualisation’)
  • Replatforming applications using the same logical solution architecture on top of an improved cloud architecture​; for instance, by upgrading OS, platform (IIS, SQL) or application versions​
  • Rearchitect​ing the delivery of applications through Azure-native offerings (Platform-as-a-Service)
  • Repurchasing (or replacing) existing applications with Software-as-a-Service alternatives (though this generally requires a change in business processes)

The CloudLift process makes it possible to choose the right approach (or combination of these approaches) based on business criticality, application complexity, application characteristics, and other business constraints at your organisation.

Migration planning

Our work together throughout the CloudLift program makes migration planning simple and straightforward, resulting in a timeline that accounts for phases such as:

  • CloudLift execution
  • Procurement decision-making
  • Pilot project implementation
  • Azure Foundations preparatory work
  • Cloud migration
  • The rationalisation and optimisation of your new cloud architecture 

Your organisation’s specific migration plan provides full visibility into the stages of your migration process. Whether you plan to rehost Windows servers on Azure, rehost SQL on Azure, refactor SQL on Azure, or engage in any other type of cloud migration, the Codify team will be there to support you every step of the way.

What do you get out of CloudLift?

Core CloudLift deliverables include a detailed audit of your existing systems and a comprehensive migration plan.

More than that, our work together produces a benefits analysis that makes the business case for cloud migration clear, as well as an Azure cost plan that clearly defines future migration and consumption costs. 

No questions. No surprises. Just a cloud migration plan that’s based on your company’s unique IT needs, future aspirations, and budget priorities.
Reach out to our team today to get started.