Optimise your Azure investment

Why manage your Azure environment?

Your cloud environment demands constant monitoring and nurturing.

Azure offers you unprecedented flexibility and agility; but with this great power comes the great responsibility for good governance. Without ongoing support, you could face cost blow-outs, unexplained downtime and a growing list of rogue applications.

Quickly you’ll find yourself out of control, with no clear path to get back on top. Moving to Azure unlocks real and powerful benefits for your business. But a lack of effective cloud governance will soon result in multiple headaches.

Codify’s Managed Azure offering lets you lean on Codify’s deep Azure expertise. Get access to advanced IT portfolio management services, cost optimisation, and assurance you’re doing Azure the right away.

Managed Azure can help.

What is Managed Azure

It’s a managed service – effectively remote support for your business where we are accountable for monitoring, maintaining and optimising your cloud environment.

With Managed Azure, we manage your cloud environment, so you don’t have to. We make sure the technology is working at its best. That it’s right-sized for your business requirements. And we identify potential enhancements and opportunities for cost savings, process improvements and new workloads.

Importantly, we curate your Azure IT portfolio so that new workloads are always assigned to the right place in the business. We work with you to set budgets on your IT assets and monitor these continuously so there are no surprises. We can also handle all of your Azure billing for you.

Let us make the technology work for you, so you can focus on what you do best.

What do you get out of it?

Access to Codify’s expertise on tap. Our Managed Azure portal gives you an IT-managers view of your infrastructure without death by detail.

We hide the mechanics of how your services are delivered in Azure so you see expenditure by IT portfolio item.