TechEd 2013 Network Architecture

It has been a few drinks between backstage posts! Don’t mistake our quietness for a lack of action – TechEd 2013 infrastructure planning has been in full swing for quite a while now.

The friendly folks at Telstra have commissioned our 1gbps Internet service. As always, it is the best possible link you can get:

  • 1 gbps Telstra Ethernet Line Data Service (E-Line) from the venue back to Charlotte St exchange in Brisbane.
  • 1 gbps Telstra Internet Direct delivered from Charlotte St.
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • 500 mbps redundant link from OTW delivered over Pipe fibre.

Both links will be running active as per recent years with the event having its own AS number routing traffic to both services simultaneously.

We will have some more notes on performance when we do commissioning in due course – but for now we can share the physical MDF and IDF designs.

TechEd 2013 - MDF Design


TechEd 2013 - IDF Design

More coming soon! Make sure you hang out on #auteched!

  1. Looks good – glad it’s you and not me… 🙂

    Just letting you know that on the left of the 2 switches near the top of the MDF design, it’s got “TECHED 2012 CORE BGP ROUTING” listed, instead of 2013.


  2. Thanks John – updated & fixed.