TechEd setup, 2009


Empty trestle tables, waiting for PCs in the Technical Learning Centre

Showmachine_build LR

Show machines setup

Mini-note Build 4 LR

HP 2140’s being imaged and recharged

Jorke_in_TLC LR

Jorke in his High-Vis Vest. How cute is he?

These photos were attached to an email from Simone Hulse:

Well it’s been an exciting few days for the build crew at Tech.Ed.  The technology team are very well established as they have been here for over a week.

  • The mini-notes are imaging
  • The show machines are complete
  • CommNet and recharge is set in the foyers ready for APC (editor: Australian partner conference)
  • The TLC is well underway (editor: TLC = Technical learning centre)
  • Windows 7 Ideas Exchange lighting truss is in – and will be incredibly impressive once the lighting is complete
  • The showcase banners and lighting rig is in
  • The APC dinner staging is almost complete
  • The rig is completely set in the roof, so now we can start building the expo from the ground up.
  • Today is all about data cabling and power, tomorrow is about flooring and more cabling and then we build the expo on Friday

For those of you who are not hear yet.  The weather is warm in the day 22-30 degrees, but gets cool at night…. bring layers (and closed shoes!)

Very exciting.  Another edition later in the week.

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