The final coundown….

We hit some big milestone in planning land this last week.

The week started with an integration meeting. A group of us from across  the project (logistics, construction, technology, catering) lock ourselves away for half a day. We review each task from the moment the first person sets foot at the venue to the moment the last truck departs at the conclusion of the event. It’s a mind bending job, but on a project like this with literally hundreds of people making things happen, it’s an important milestone to have this integration meeting. You can imagine we always uncover a few issues where the schedules haven’t matched up entirely during the previous months of decisions. The document, with over 1,000 line items, then undergoes updates by everyone and then we come together to do it all again later this week.

Last week ended with another important milestone for the technology team. We locked down the technology requirements / change requests on Friday night. While the project owners signed off the statement of requirements months ago, we obviously have a period where we need to cater for changes to the needs of the various event owners and Exhibitors. This week it’s all about our documentation, training crew, preparing final briefs and this Thursday we send the first shipment of technology gear from Sydney to for the venue.

  1. Hi,

    Just a question.. What software are you guys using to manage the project?

    Excel spreadsheets 🙂

    • Hi Steve, thanks for your question. From Phase 1 to a few weeks ago we primarily use Microsoft Project 2007. Because of the size/number of tasks we find its easiest to split it into some smaller sub-projects (i.e overall planning phases, the netbooks deliverables etc). We use a Mesh site (actually a few) to keep the various contributors up to date. Now, nearer the event we have a lot of people who are non Project users (people who lay cable, catering team members etc) Excel is indeed popular as is a Microsoft Access 2007 db within the technology team that allows us to track our work and keep in sync with the bigger runsheet.
      regards David Haysom

  2. I had no idea you went to catering meetings before the events all these years we’ve been working together.

    You know that makes you entirely responsible for the warm fruit pizza incident right?

    • No, not responsible for the great GCCEC food. We do however sync up with those responsible for it, making sure that they have the right amount for the crew on at each shift.