When I said 16 percent I meant … 16 percent

You will recall our earlier posts regarding the performance problems with the Cisco WLC at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre. If you’ve not seen them catch up here:

Insufficient Traction Error

We had been working extensively with a number of suppliers to get the WLC issues resolved. To be honest, I reached the end of my tether some time ago as every call seemed to revolve around either co-channel interference (so much so that is now the standard butt of jokes on the tech team … car won’t start? co-channel inteference :), or some discussion of why there were methodological defects in the reports we’d written rather than just focusing on the obvious @#(*&@ issue.

We’d provided really rock solid documented reports showing throughput tests done in isolation with RF scans at the same time to show no interference.

At no time could we get more than 16-20% of the RF throughput we should. We could never saturate a 100mbps edge port even with 300mbps association speed. Despite our best efforts we have really been worn down by the whole experience. At one point I was told on a teleconference (paraphrased) “We would be amazed if there was a defect of this nature … especially so if someone from Queensland found it.” I took offence at that since we’ve had electricity and flushing toilets here since 1997. 😐

Plan B

As mentiond in the linked articles above, we had a plan B all along to remove the APs from the WLC and install autonomous firmware on them all.

David Eagles just finished implementing that plan today (there is a bit of clean up to do tomorrow) … but well whaddaya know Jethro? In between tending to the cows and riding kangaroos, it turns out the country folk from Queensland might have been right all along:

Percentage of Theoretical Throughput, pre and post rectification work

Percentage of Theoretical Throughput, pre and post rectification work

Left is before, middle is after our work, right is theoretical throughput.

Transfer Comparison

Look ma! Weeze yokles from North did good!

500% improvement FTW.

Life would be a lot simpler (well mine would anyway) if people took the time to read and understand the reports you put in front of them and work collaboratively on quality commercial outcomes.


  1. Very proud of the team for working through the issue – with many difficult steps along the way.

  2. Now we will have heaps of bandwidth to pull down all thoes Windows 7 ISO’s from TechNet and surf YouTube at the same time… 🙂

    But seriously thanks, i am sure this is going to make a huge difference.