Codify’s Azure Migration Transforms Mosman Council IT

Discover how Mosman Council transformed its IT landscape with a strategic cloud migration to Microsoft Azure. Facing aging infrastructure and lacking in-house IT expertise, the Council partnered with Codify to overhaul its IT systems, leading to enhanced security, improved disaster recovery capabilities, and optimized IT operations.

In this detailed case study, learn from Ben Parker, Director at Codify, and James Qi, Manager IT Services at Mosman Council, as they outline the challenges faced, the strategic planning involved, and the successful execution of the migration within a remarkably short timeframe.

Download the full article to explore how Mosman Council not only upgraded its technical capabilities but also positioned itself to better serve its community through advanced technology solutions. Gain insights that could help your organization navigate its own IT transformation journey.


In this detailed case study, gain insights from Ben Parker, Director at Codify, and James Qi, Manager IT Services at Mosman Council, as they delve into the substantial challenges they faced, the comprehensive strategic planning undertaken, and the swift and successful execution of a critical cloud migration within a remarkably short timeframe.

Discover how a collaborative partnership between Mosman Council and Codify was pivotal in making this rapid transition possible. The case study highlights the essential elements of their working relationship during the migration and a shared commitment to achieving technical and operational goals. Learn how Codify isn’t just another Cloud Solution Provider with an experience team working on the migration of complex legacy systems to seamlessly integrated into a modern cloud infrastructure.


Our approach was fundamentally built on leveraging our strong partnerships with Microsoft and Fortinet, which played a crucial role in de-risking Mosman Council’s migration to Azure.

By utilizing Microsoft’s robust Azure cloud platform and integrating Fortinet’s advanced cybersecurity solutions, we ensured a secure and seamless transition. Our close collaboration with Microsoft as a Cloud Solution Partner allowed us to tailor a cloud environment rapidly for the council. Similarly, Fortinet’s security tools provided a critical layer of protection, enabling us to safeguard the Council’s data and infrastructure throughout the migration process.

These partnerships were instrumental in mitigating risks, addressing technical complexities, and ensuring that the Council’s move to the cloud was both strategic and secure.


Our collaborative efforts were highlighted by the rapid migration and successful final disaster recovery (DR) test, which underscored the resilience and efficiency of the newly established IT infrastructure.

The entire migration of Mosman Council’s legacy systems to the Azure cloud platform was completed in just three months – a testament to the effectiveness of our planning and execution. This swift transition minimized disruptions to council services and exceeded initial expectations in both pace and smoothness.

Cloud computing with Microsoft Azure has never been easier. Contact Codify to discuss your next cloud project.