Cloud computing is the way of the future, and Codify assists businesses of all sizes in getting there.

Running your business from the cloud provides a fast, flexible, and more secure location for your important data. Codify takes all of the risk out of server migration, with in-depth assessment and planning taking businesses of all sizes each step of the way. We even helped Microsoft, with 7 locations and over 1,000 employees, make a seamless transition to cloud technology in 2017.

If you’re looking for a reliable partner to take your business to the cloud, look no further than Codify.

Why Microsoft Azure?

Fast services in terms of deployment, operation, and scalability
Faster development cycles
More secure with the help of Azure Single Sign-On
Don’t pay for inefficient or unused resources
World class data recovery – roll back to any exact second from the previous seven days, in case of disaster/emergency


Codify challenges the status quo within your business. Modernise your organisation with a root and branch analysis of your infrastructure.

The adoption of virtualisation freed organisations from capital expenditure with every new server brought online. The hidden cost of this efficiency has been the bloat of virtual server fleets, sometimes to unmanageable proportions. Often the rationale for architectural decisions are lost in time and organisations fall into an uncomfortable status quo.

We can deep dive into your infrastructure and provide re-architecture recommendations to optimise your server fleet and embrace modern platform-as-a-service offerings where possible. In many cases, we have managed to reduce server footprints by up to 68%.

Understanding how your business services map to your underlying infrastructure is critical for informed decision making.

Codify’s unique CloudLift Assessment service provides a comprehensive assessment of all of your infrastructure while simultaneously mapping the nuts and bolts back to real business services and applications. Once complete, you can analyse the assessment results in the CloudLift portal to understand the interdependencies between your infrastructure and business applications.

CloudLift also generates a predicted consumption plan for the move of these resources into Azure. As a part of the engagement, Codify consultants produce rearchitected cloud solution scenarios to let you compare ‘lift and shift’ against reimagined platform-as-a-service scenarios. Further, CloudLift lets you effortlessly compare ‘what if’ scenarios such as purchasing reserved instances,
utilising Microsoft hybrid use benefit, and other complex licensing and sizing scenarios.

CloudLift forms a core part of your business value justification for a move to Microsoft Azure.

Optimised Azure
with CloudLift

Complex & HybridSolutions

You need confidence that your complex Azure solution is well architected and will stand up under pressure.

Codify has built some of the largest Azure solutions in use in Australia. Codify consultants and engineers were selected by Microsoft to build the management single pane of glass for an Office 365 tenancy with 700,000 users. Codify has also designed and commissioned complex hybrid Azure deployments encompassing multi-region ExpressRoute, hybrid connectivity for line of business applications supporting tens of thousands of users.

Codify maintains a cross-disciplinary team of experienced infrastructure consultants, software engineers and network engineers. This unique skill set allows us to architect holistic solutions that address the entire infrastructure stack.

Imagine a world where you custom built apps have greater uptime, less server footprint and reduced management overhead.

Codify has built Azure platform-as-a-service applications that support hundreds of thousands of users – with zero server footprint.

Our engineers dig into the code base of your custom applications and grade their suitability for platform-as-a-service on an A through F basis. We give you clear advice on what things will work well with platform-as-a-service offerings and which might need rework.

We can also help you undertake the necessary modifications to embrace a serverless future for your applications with high availability for the application and data tiers working right out of the box.


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