Michael Hill’s Cloud Strategy Drives Efficiency & Innovation

Michael Hill leveraged Codify’s expertise to successfully implement a cloud strategy using Microsoft Azure Cloud. Starting in 2017, Michael Hill aimed to innovate but faced challenges in visualizing the cloud’s potential benefits. Codify’s tailored cloud solutions enabled Michael Hill to drive efficient growth and innovation, optimize costs, and integrate new brand acquisitions seamlessly. This transformation allowed Michael Hill to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences significantly.

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Brand Integration & Expansion

Brand Integration: Michael Hill’s strategy involved integrating new acquisitions into its IT environment swiftly. The integration of Beville’s into Michael Hill’s HR, ERP, and POS systems was completed in under eight months, with staff operational in two weeks. This process now serves as a blueprint for future acquisitions.

Expansion: The move from a 30-year-old industrial park headquarters to a new central CBD location symbolized a complete migration to Azure. This transition included digitizing legacy processes and managing technical implementations such as global SD WAN and disaster recovery setup.

Enhancing Customer Experience

InstaQuotes App: Leveraging Azure and Dynamics, Michael Hill introduced the InstaQuotes App, which streamlined the quoting process for bespoke jewellery from three weeks to instant quoting through machine learning. During peak times, it processed 56% of quotes, achieving 11% of purchases.

Internal Assist App: This app reduced IT service desk calls by providing a chat-based knowledge database, enhancing staff support and document accessibility.

Optimised Cloud Operations & Innovation

FinOps Culture: Codify helped develop a strong FinOps culture at Michael Hill, ensuring cost optimization and value delivery through clear application ownership and cross-functional collaboration.

Proactive Assurance: Codify’s proactive assurance platform identified potential issues before they became problems, with 64% of annual tickets raised proactively.

Higher-Value Cloud Solutions: By adopting PaaS and SaaS solutions, Michael Hill explored innovative customer experiences, personalized services, and continuous improvement through internal initiatives. The streamlined process for launching new stores became scalable across the group.

Cloud computing with Microsoft Azure has never been easier. Contact Codify to discuss your next cloud project.