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We know you have plenty of choices when it comes to employers and job offers. Here’s why we hope Codify makes your list.

Codify is a leading Microsoft Azure Specialist based in the Brisbane.

Tier 1/Direct Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider – one of the largest in Australia, as measured by revenue
Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner in Cloud Platform
Advanced Specialisation in Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure

Our aim is to help our customers be the best they can be in Azure through our particularly strong focus on governance, operational excellence, and customer service.

Learn more about how our services achieve this on our Plan, Migrate, and Run pages.

Why Join Our Team?

In addition to working with leading-edge talent on challenging Microsoft Azure projects, you’ll be joining a culture that’s driven by our ongoing pursuit of excellence.

An MSP Like No Other

No more rigid ‘Level 1, 2, 3’ service desks. We don’t separate teams between project work and support. Everyone at Codify supports the needs of our Managed Azure VIPs – even Directors.

Commitment to Our Clients

Our ‘work hard/play hard’ culture operates in service of our customers’ needs. We go the extra mile so that we never have to say NO to our Managed Azure VIPs.

Cohesive, Congenial Team

We take pride in maintaining the culture we’ve fostered in our work environment. If you have a strong capacity and desire to learn and make our customers successful, you’ll fit right in.

Other perks Codify team members enjoy include:


Team lunches every Friday from Gyg or Nando’s plus the Managing Director cooks for everyone once a month. 


All the coffee you can drink and a weekly team lunch where we get together and discuss the latest and greatest things in Azure. 

Study material funds and certification costs for Microsoft Azure or Microsoft Development related certifications
The best tools for the trade, including a technology allowance for mobile phone usage, high-spec Lenovo ThinkPad with MSDN subscriptions, and 32-inch 4K displays

Open Positions

While we’re currently recruiting for the following open positions, we’re always interested in hearing from talented professionals. Contact us below if you’d like to connect.

Position: Software Engineer
Company Overview


Codify is a leading Microsoft Azure Specialist based on the Brisbane CBD fringe in Spring Hill. 

  • Tier 1/Direct Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider – One of the largest in Australia measured by revenue
  • Microsoft Gold Partner in Cloud Platform
  • Advanced Specialisation in Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure

We typically service corporate customers and help these organisations be the best that they can be in Azure. Customers choose to do business with Codify due to our particularly strong focus on governance, operational excellence and customer service. 

Our business operates across three pillars:

  • Plan: Helping customers mount an evidence-based plan to get to Azure. We do this using our proprietary CloudLift assessment platform. 
  • Migrate: Helping customers move to Azure.
  • Run: This is our flagship cloud solution provider offering, Managed Azure. 


Codify’s culture drives our reputation for excellence:

  • Our Managed Azure customers (Run) are our VIPs! Everyone at Codify works on support tickets, including Directors.
  • We don’t operate a Level 1,2,3 Service Desk. Our team work within their capabilities and have the opportunity to expand their skills with new technology and challenges. 
  • We never say no to our Managed Azure customers.
  • We have a ‘work hard/play hard’ culture and you’re expected to do everything you can to make our customers successful. This often means going the extra mile.
  • We hire for temperament and aptitude. Some of our best staff came to Codify with zero Azure knowledge but a strong capacity and desire to learn and make our customers successful. 
  • Hiring for temperament has created a cohesive and congenial team and we enjoy a harmonious and often humorous work environment. 

Other highlights include:

  • The company hosts a weekly team lunch every Monday at The Lamb Shop in Bowen Hills. This is a great time for us to catch up socially and discuss what everyone got up to on the weekend as well as whatever challenges lay in the week ahead. 
  • We will often share a lunch together in the boardroom and catch up with some pretty zany YouTube content – DashCams is a favourite. 
  • Codify funds study material and certification costs for any Microsoft Azure or Microsoft Development related certifications. 
  • Barista coffees (or teas) from our company favourites Black Rabbit or Espresso Engine at least once a day (but normally more).
  • We also provide allowance for mobile phone usage.
  • High spec Lenovo ThinkPad with MSDN subscription.
  • 32 inch 4K displays.


  • In addition to your base pay and superannuation guarantee:
    • We perform quarterly performance appraisals and two way feedback sessions. 
    • September and March are informal and an opportunity to discuss what is working well and what can be improved either by the team member or management.
    • December and June are formal and provide an opportunity to present Stop/Start/Keep feedback. 
    • Bonuses vary from time to time however for FY21:
      • December, Directors award a discretionary bonus of up to one month of additional pay.
      • June, A bonus is paid of up to one month of additional pay if the company hits its base financial targets or two months if the company hits its stretch financial targets.

Position Description


The key area of our business is our Cloud Solution Provider offering – Managed Azure. This role will see you join Codify as a software engineer reporting to a Principal Cloud Consultant. The primary function of this role will be to assist in the development of systems and infrastructure that support the Managed Azure service offering. 

You will also engage directly with Codify customers via the service desk from time to time to assist with development issues in Azure or as an escalation point for internal systems issues from the service desk. 

Technology Landscape

  • ConnectWise Manage is our core service delivery platform and managed companies, contacts, service tickets, contractual agreements, and invoicing. 
  • We have a number of applications that interconnect between Microsoft’s back end billing systems, our Managed Azure customer portal, ConnectWise, and other systems. These need to be continually extended to demonstrate customer value while also adapting to changes in APIs at our partners such as Microsoft. 
  • We have an automation platform that sits between our customers’ Azure tenancies and our Managed Azure platform. This is a highly scalable orchestration engine and performs most of our governance operations automatically while handing exceptions off to ConnectWise Manage for human intervention when required. 
  • We are 100% Microsoft-focused and cloud-native. We have no legacy or on-premises infrastructure. Whenever possible we will use Azure Platform as a Service.

Technology Architecture

For all of our applications except our automation platform:

  • .NET Core 3.1/5
  • C# is our principal development language
  • Azure SQL Database is our storage engine for most applications. We use Azure Storage where it makes sense to. 

Our automation platform:

  • The core is written in C# on .NET Core 3.1/5
  • The pluggable modules for our automation jobs are based on Python. 

User Interface Layer:

  • Angular 2+
  • SCSS
  • Typescript  

Specific Skills

Must Have

  • Great communication skills
  • Ability to comprehend software architectures with multiple systems involved
  • Ability to write maintainable and reliable software

Nice to Have

  • C#, Angular, .NET core, T-SQL
  • Azure; Azure Service Bus; App Service; 
  • Python, Linux experience, MySQL, PHP, Javascript/Typescript, Docker;

Interview Requirements

During an interview with Codify, in addition to answering questions you will be required to:

  • Demonstrate and explain a piece of software you have written (a hobby project is fine). The piece of software must be code-first and written by you (i.e. no Winforms projects, etc). The language should be one you’re comfortable and experienced with, not necessarily one from our Nice to Haves list. Alternatively, you can provide us with a link to an open source project you have contributed to and talk us through that;
  • Draw some block diagrams for system components and explain how you might write a piece of software at a high level;

Roles and Responsibilities

As a software engineer you will be responsible for working on extending our existing systems. 

Codify has highly competent software engineers and architects for you to lean on for advice and support when some aspects of the infrastructure are complex. 

Day to day responsibilities:

  • Working on backlog items stored in Azure DevOps.
  • Creating new solutions in C# (with Python as a minor focus).
  • Submitting well-engineered solutions to DevOps for CI build and testing. 
  • Resolving bugs in CI.
  • Release planning through other environments from CI to Test and Prod. 

Values and Principles:

  • You must closely adhere to the company’s architectural principles and not going off on tangents with experimental technology for the sake of it. Remember that our systems support millions of dollars in Azure workloads. 
  • We design for the shortest path to reliable software that makes our customers successful – and we iterate from there. 
  • Wherever possible we will use off-the-shelf solutions that can be cost-effectively adapted to our unique business scenario.
  • You will be required to manage your time well in dealing with cognitive churn associated with working across several systems. 

Contact Us

If you think you think you’re a good fit for the above, then we would love to hear from you. Please contact Ryan Cokell ( / 0423 421 767) at our exclusive recruitment partner, Robert Half.