Everything you need to know about migrating your Council to the cloud

by | Aug 29, 2020 | Blog

Did you know 90% of businesses are now on the Cloud in some capacity? That’s a pretty convincing statistic for anyone who hasn’t yet made the move to Cloud.

At Codify, we know that when it comes to planning your Local Government IT strategy and Cloud migration it can be confusing knowing where to start.

To make life easier and help you with your journey, Codify have created a number of resources to shed light on the migration process. Here we share what they are, where to find them and how to use them.

Step 1: Read our guide – Migrate and Modernise: Demystifying Council cloud migration

The tricky thing with migration is that organisations don’t all start from the same point. Nor do CIOs and decision makers start with the same level of understanding. This adds to the confusion and often results in a relatively simple, albeit technical, process becoming overcomplicated.

In this comprehensive guide, created especially for Councils, we provide an overview of the difference in applications and servers and how they are affected by a migration strategy. The guide also explains the ‘Six Rs’ of migration and how Councils need to assess all their applications and identify which should be migrated (retained) and which can be archived (retired).

Another key area of the guide highlights the effort, operational cost and agility of a Cloud migration. These are crucial to setting realistic expectations before your Council invests time and funds in migrating.

Also included in the guide are the benefits of Cloud migration as well as the pitfalls to avoid. We also share a recent case study about Noosa Shire Council. Codify and Microsoft worked closely with the Noosa Shire Council to help them understand Azure fundamentals and deliver detailed backup and DR planning with migration support for their on-premises/AWS-based workloads.

The guide is a great starting point for anyone trying to get their head around Cloud migration and what it involves. Download the guide for free and read more.

Step 2: Are you eligible for funding to support a migration? Find out!

Codify works closely with Microsoft and can assist you in securing funding to progress your Cloud migration strategy.

Funding varies depending on the size and scope of your intended project. However whatever the size, the funding can significantly reduce, and in some cases eliminate, your Azure migration costs.

If you are interested to find out what funding is available to your Council, contact Codify today. One of our team will be in touch to complete a brief assessment to understand your situation and needs and determine if you qualify and for how much.

Step 3: Attend a customised workshop to identify your stepping stones to the cloud

The final thing to do to launch you into your Cloud migration is to create a plan based specifically on your Council needs.

Codify run free customised workshops for Councils looking to Plan, Migrate and Run their operations in the Cloud.

The workshop provides attendees with:

  • A high level Migration Plan including recommendations specific to your Council
  • A migration funding analysis (in case you missed Step 2)
  • An understanding of the role your staff will play and how to prepare them
  • A deeper understanding of Cloud migration and the steps involved

We have created these Stepping Stones to the Cloud workshops to provide business leaders, CIOs and CFOs with all the information they need to move forward. Depending on the responsibilities of the attendees, everything from expected costs to technical implications will be covered.

Why Codify?

Established in 1996, Codify is a leading provider of Cloud based solutions. Codify are experts and have helped multiple Councils and Local Governments take their first steps into the Cloud.

If you are interested in learning more about Cloud migration and how to start the process, register for our free, customised workshop, Stepping Stones to the Cloud. A one hour workshop, tailored to your Council, to identify your specific steps to the Cloud. Find out more.

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