Azure Application Modernisation Guidelines

by | Apr 13, 2022 | Blog

We’ve put together a template for you to use when assessing your applications for modernisation on Azure. This checklist comes from our statement of work templates that we use for onboarding customers for our Managed Application offering.

The document presents a number of talking points to help you create a holistic view of your application’s maturity and what it will take to get to Azure.

How to use this document

The template is broken down into the following criteria:

  • Business Ownership Criteria – These help you understand where your organisation sits with regard to the overall ownership of the application. Do you have SME’s on hand who understand the business logic? Do you have appropriate support structures in place? What is the long-term outlook for the application?
  • Technical Analysis Criteria – These help you talk through the technical quality and maturity of the application while also keeping one eye on the high-level issues that might make the adoption of platform-as-a-service offerings more challenging.
  • Custom Application Criteria – Do you own the application source code, build and deploy it? These points explore how well you’re positioned in terms of both the application’s internal architectural plumbing and also the DevOps processes that manage the software development lifecycle.

Sit down as a team and talk through each of these points and see how your application measures up against the criteria in the document. You can create an action plan out of the undesirable artefacts that you identify.

Download: Codify Application Assessment Criteria

Download: Codify No-BS .NET Modernisation – Brisbane Azure User Group PowerPoint Presentation

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