Identify and assess risks involved, set goals, and devise an action plan to move your business to the cloud. This process is broken up into two main stages; Assessment and Migration.

Stage 1: Assessment

After an initial guide to how the business operates, CloudLift Assessment is deployed on the clients server (physical or virtual). During this process, data is funneled back to a secure centralised location, providing information on programs that are running on the server; including apps, software, services, profiles.

One of the groundbreaking features of CloudLift is its ability to measure the resources used by the server, such as processing power, RAM usage, and hard drive space, to an exact figure. CloudLift takes the current infrastructure and provides an accurate cost to run on the cloud, based on the requirements it has observed.

CloudLift is the only piece of software that can provide businesses with an exact (to the dollar) Azure Cloud server quote. Other companies will simply observe how things are running on clients servers and take a guess at the price – figures that can end up being significantly different once things are up and running.

Stage 2: Migration

Once a quote has been provided in Stage 1, Codify can assist with the next major step; the data migration.

There are three options for clients wishing to move their business to the cloud;

  • Data migration can be scheduled with and completed by Codify, ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud with as little disruption as possible
  • If the client has another company they would like to use for the migration, Codify can provide recommendations and assist them based on the information gather by CloudLift
  • If the client wants to do the migration themselves, or look at delaying the process, Codify can write a custom blueprint providing instruction on how to move the data, removing a lot of the risk by providing comprehensive details and requirements

Ready to get started?

Codify’s DevOps practice delivers solutions to customers looking to bridge the gap between Development and Operations, using tools like Microsoft’s Visual Studio Team Services.

As part of the DevOps service, Codify will rank existing apps on the clients server from A to F.

These grades are determined by looking at the source code of programs and services installed on the server, to see what they actually do and whether they will run correctly when migrated to the cloud.

If programs need to be replatformed or redeveloped, the team at Codify can upgrade them to ensure successful operation from their new home on the cloud.

Read the Codify Cases Studies for examples of our DevOps work.

Ready to get your head and your business in the cloud? Contact us today.



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Codify… persistent,
tenacious and patient.
And bloody smart.

Michael Dines, Chief Information Officer, Goodstart Early Learning

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They are willing to challenge the norm…
and it was through questioning the norm…
that has got us to the point we’re at today.

Justin Cook, Account Technology Strategist, Microsoft

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Codify are very easy to work with…
they gave us guidance, great advice
and are helping us look to the future.

Justin Thomas, ICT Manager, Corporate Services, Noose Shire Council

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We wanted – and got –
a fit for purpose solution.
Codify delivered on this.

Mike Dixon, CFO, Wesfarmers Resources Limited


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